Web application version 5.4.0

Updates and improvements: The main menu has been reworked into a collapsing structure. Bug fixes Improved view of the QR tag list in add / edit service objects. The list now shows occupied and free tags. Bugs Resolved: Problem with viewing and uploading documents on manufacture models. Problem with filtering work order status in the […]

Mobile application 7.7.47

Updates and improvements: My jobs page have been reworked and improved. Link to my jobs have been pinned to the main menu. Error list, improved and tweaked. Users can now quickly assign a unassigned task without editing the task. Last error reported has been added to the assets overview including a shortcut to resolve error. […]

Web application version 5.4.0

Updates and improvements: Improved loading times and performance. Extensive security updates. Updates to ” My page / My companies”. Minor updates to the user interface. Language management. Bugs Resolved: Problems exporting list of QR tags

Mobile application 7.7

Updates and improvements: A new login page and updates to the user interface. New main menu at the bottom, becoming significantly more accessible than before. Scan QR tag gets a new permanent place in the main menu. Language can now be changed directly in the mobile, and is not dependent on the phone’s language setting. […]

Web application version 5.3.1

Updates and improvements: Assets can now be filtered by model and manufacturer. Improved search for assets type and manufacturer.  Task status has been simplified to Open -> in Progress -> Complete. If content not found on the site, users are now redirected to a new “not found” page. Work order details, performance is improved by […]

Mobile application 7.6 (codepush 41)

Updates and improvements: New type of errors and error subtype can now be selected in the report error form. List footer now show X items of total items. Notes have some minor cosmetic improvements. Articles now shows price and unit. You can no longer edit a units price in the work order. We added a […]

Web application version 5.3.0

Updates and improvements: Hierarchical views are placed on related / dependent lists like Type-Subtypes & Manufacturer – models:Type ⮡ SubtypeManufacturer ⮡ Model UI updates for Calendar, Manufacturer form, Company Settings, Profile settings. Error report and Service report form have been simplified by removing the extra steps of selecting assets. Success / Error Toasts have been updated. Adding […]

Web application version 5.2.4

Updates and improvements: Now You can log time for your employee using our new Time log feature. Go to the service form, Work order details or the task details to log the time. The time log can be viewed and analyzed from the Registry menu > Timelog. While completing a task or WO, the total […]

Mobile application 7.6

Updates and improvements: The app navigation flow has been updated All third party libraries  are updated to the latest version The amount of objects shown in each list are now shown numerically Document and files can now be viewed in app rather than in a separate browser. A new field called ‘Priority’ has been added […]

Web Application version 5.2.1

Release notes for v 5.2.1 Service plan’ BETA version is released, can be found in the main menu. The asset list now displays the upcoming ‘planned service’ for each asset if its included in a service plan. The service list will classify services according to planned or unplanned services. Errors can be added to Work […]