Digital service journals

With Service Node, all assets receive a digital service journal. The digital service journal keeps track of all service and maintenance performed at the asset and removes the need to keep a physical service journal.

For customers, contractors and employees

With digital service journals anyone who needs to access service and maintenance data can do so by scanning the qr code on our smart tag.

Most modern smart devices have a QR code reader built in on the camera application. If this should not be available any type of QR code scanning app will work.



Replaces paper journals

Our digital journals completely replace your paper journals even for installations with higher requirements. Service Node’s digital journals fulfill all the requirements set by the European Machine Directive and Elevator Directive regarding service journals.

More than just a service journal

Keeping a service journal digitally creates more benefits than one might think. With a digital service journal you can gather more data and access it from wherever you are.


Ready to integrate with third party inspection data

Service Node’s service records can be linked to data from your third party inspection supplier.

Do you think Service Node will suit your organization? 

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