For real estate owners

With Service Node, you as a real estate owner can simplify how you work with your service and maintenance both within your company and towards your contractors.

 Your company will also become more sustainable by getting rid of unnecessary paper documentation and by extending the lifetime of your properties with easy to use maintenance management tools.

Easy to collaborate and share data

Your customers, contractors and staff can easily scan our smart tags to gain additional information or to report errors and service.

Share assets with your contractors. Remove shared assets or add new contrators to collaborate with when needed.

Laundry room with smart tags from Service Node
Service Node user at coffee shop

Digital service journals for well maintained and secure facilites

With our digital service journals you ensure that service and maintenance work is never missed.

You make your properties more secure for your tenants and you save money by avoiding unneccessary damages and potential voilations fines related to property maintenance. 

Both your customers and your wallet will thank you for choosing Service Node.

Read more about our service journals here.

Plan service and maintenance on your own or together with your contractors

With our service planning tools you or your contractors can plan service and maintenance at your properties and assets. Choose when, where and how often service and maintenance should be done.

Scheduled maintenance is automatically checked off when service or maintenance of the correct category is registered the service journal. This makes the work flow very simple and each planned service is automatically closed when the work is registered. 

Read more about our service planning here.

Two female service node users sitting at desk collaborating

Do you think Service Node will suit your organization? 

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