Release notes

Web application version 5.3.1

Updates and improvements:
  • Assets can now be filtered by model and manufacturer.
  • Improved search for assets type and manufacturer. 
  • Task status has been simplified to Open -> in Progress -> Complete.
  • If content not found on the site, users are now redirected to a new “not found” page.
  • Work order details, performance is improved by loading and displaying data only when requested.
  • Reworked the time component to show hours and minutes after entering data.
  • Users are now returned to the place they started after completing an add/edit function, instead of landing on a details page. 
  • Contact export, users can now export their contacts from contacts lists in the registry. 
  • Articles (parts) can now be exported from the articles list. 
Bugs Resolved:

Web application version 5.3.0

Updates and improvements:
  • Hierarchical views are placed on related / dependent lists like Type-Subtypes & Manufacturer – models:
  • UI updates for Calendar, Manufacturer form, Company Settings, Profile settings.
  • Error report and Service report form have been simplified by removing the extra steps of selecting assets.
  • Success / Error Toasts have been updated.
  • Adding new item from forms are moved from the header/label to inside the input field.
  • Previously called ‘Service Node’ has been renamed to ‘QR Tag’.
  • Once the QR Tags are installed, it can be used with Import and Export of Assets. 
  • Previously called ‘Parts’ feature has been updated to ‘Articles’.
  • Filter Articles on the various conditions.
  •  Manage Inventory basic data on article.
  •  All Map – Adjusted to a Better zoom level.
  •  Enforce the user to have a strong password while registering or changing the password. Feedback will be provided on password strength.
  •  More categories are added to Error, each category can have its own user-defined subcategory. 
  •  Proper currency code is placed beside any amount.
  •  Contracts can be categorized according to the given categories.
  •  Time can be logged for a task from the Task list.
  •  Unassigned task can be assigned from the Task list.
  •  Work order will display a breakdown of time upon completion.
Bugs Resolved:

Web application version 5.2.4

Updates and improvements:
  • Now You can log time for your employee using our new Time log feature. Go to the service form, Work order details or the task details to log the time. The time log can be viewed and analyzed from the Registry menu > Timelog.
  • While completing a task or WO, the total logged time (if exists) will be calculated and placed in ‘Reported time’ by default.
  • We have disabled our ‘Service Plan’ feature temporarily while we are working to upgrade and improve them and will be soon online. Please notify us if you have any queries.
  • UI for sharing assets with the service partner is updated.
  • UI is improved for all lists, labels are more visible and clear.
  • PDF output of Service details is improved.
  • Contact list – The list will show all the contact person only and their involvement/attachment can be found by clicking the details option.
  • Most of the inner lists are sorted by item names to make it easier to find the appropriate item.
  • A ‘Priority’ field is added with the error report to prioritize an error.
Bugs Resolved:
  • Asset list – Bugs with failing to sort the list by asset name is resolved.
  • Map view – Bug with Asset and Service Node map views are resolved.

Note : We strongly recommend you to ‘hard load’ from your browser when you login next time to Service Node. Incase if a page is not loaded properly, just press the refresh / reload button.

Web Application version 5.2.1

Release notes for v 5.2.1
  • Service plan’ BETA version is released, can be found in the main menu.
  • The asset list now displays the upcoming ‘planned service’ for each asset if its included in a service plan.
  • The service list will classify services according to planned or unplanned services.
  • Errors can be added to Work order, alternatively, users can create a Work order form error list.
  • Filter is available on the Form list.
  • UI is improved for Adding / Editing of Task and Document Library
  • Issues with updating Models and Manufacturer is resolved
  • Issues with updating a task status within a Work order is fixed
  • Bugs related to ‘asset map’, ‘import & export’, and ‘service node address’ have been resolved.

Web application version 5.2.0

Updates and improvements:
  • API is enhanced to improve performance and handle a large amount of data in a secured way
  • UI / UX improvements are made to the forms
  • Several improvements to UI for Work order
  • User can now add parts & materials when reporting service & maintenance. (currently only available for the webapp; coming soon for the mobile app!)
  • User can now add closing date and notes upon cancelling a work order.
  • Tags are currently disabled while we are working on an improved version
  • Search is improved throughout the system
  • Contacts has received filter and search function
  • Bugs relating to office address not being saved is resolved
  • Several internal libraries and third-party system are updated

Web Application version 5.1.3

New features and improved functionallity:
  • Customers and other non-registered users can now upload images when doing error reports from the Public URL. (when scanning a smart QR-tag).
  • Customer lists can now be imported to the system by using a .CSV file with all the customer data.
  • System users reporting errors on behalf of external users (when they are calling in a issue for example) can now record the external users data with the error report and even allow the system to automatically inform them when the issue is resolved. (just like if the external user reported the error from the smart QR-tag).
  • Users can now change or completely remove (detach) an asset from a Service Node (Smart QR-tag) directly from Asset > Edit asset form.
  • Users can now Search for a Node from the Service node list.
  • Loading of a large set of assets while reporting Error or Service is improved.
  • New fields are added to your company settings for storing additional data on your company.
  • Regional settings are implemented and users are requested to save it according to their preferences.
  • UI / UX for Calendar is updated.
  • Users can now use existing contact person to add them to different places
Bug fixes and updates:
  • Auto-generated customer number will now only generate when creating a new customer. Editing any existing customers will not autogenerate a customer number unless you trigger this manually by clicking the “generate customer number” button.
  • Updated UI for Contact cards.
  • The notification list will now properly stick to the top menu bar.
  • Creating a company will properly send the user back the the “my companies screen” where you can view the newly created company.
  • Server error when importing assets should no longer appear.
  • Pagination for lists should now show the proper values and increasing/decreasing the number of items in the lists should work properly.
  • Viewing notices and news from Service Node should no longer generate weird html bugs.

Mobile application 7.6 (codepush 41)

Updates and improvements:
  • New type of errors and error subtype can now be selected in the report error form.
  • List footer now show X items of total items.
  • Notes have some minor cosmetic improvements.
  • Articles now shows price and unit.
  • You can no longer edit a units price in the work order.
  • We added a new dynamic mapview for assets.
  • The ability to add new of the following:
    Type & subtype
    Manufacturer & model
    Work order type
  • Time log added.
  • Work order icons changed: Added Time log and Errors, removed Contacts.
  • Contacts are now displayed directly on the work order details page, and with a new add contact button.
  • Some other minor improvements.
Bug Resolved:
  • Estimated time in tasks didn’t display properly.

Mobile application 7.6

Updates and improvements:
  • The app navigation flow has been updated
  • All third party libraries  are updated to the latest version
  • The amount of objects shown in each list are now shown numerically
  • Document and files can now be viewed in app rather than in a separate browser.
  • A new field called ‘Priority’ has been added to the error report form
  • Dark mode compatibility for iOS has been added.
  • Several bug and UI related fixes.

Mobile application 7.5

New features and updates
  • A service report can now be posetd when resolving a error. This makes it easier for the user to report how the error was resolved and leave service report in the service log of the asset.
  • The profile page was redesigned and updated. More user information can now be updated from the mobile application.
  • When adding parts to a work order it should not be faster to update numbers and prices.
  • The asset page was completely redesigned; it should not be easier to navigate and more asset data updated and found there.
  • Notes are now available from the asset page. Notes can be added to keep track of anything related to the asset.
  • A quick add function was added to the asset page (button with a lightningbolt) which allows immediate access to “add service report” “add error report” “add document” and “add form” pages. Notes can directly be added just by pressing the “notes” button.
  • Contact information to external users who reported errors is now easily availble from the mobile app.
  • New assets can now be added from the mobile app; press the “+” button from the “assets” tab in the app to add a new asset to the system. Press the “show all fields button” to add additional information such as “serial number”.

Mobile application version 7.5

Updates and improvements:
  • New address component with an interactive map and place search option is added. Now the users can manage all location data in the app.
  • New Component that combines the ‘Date’ and ‘Time’ field.  This makes user interaction faster.
  • Users can now add a ‘Personal’ event to the calendar that are not visible to anyone else.
  • Calender. The week start from monday now instead of sunday. (in the future this will be controlled from user settings)
  • The bug with adding Work orders is now fixed.
  • Tasks added to work orders now properly show their task descriptions.
  • The related asset image is now shown next to all service posts.

Mobile application version 7.4

Updates and improvements:

  • Simple toast added for all minor operations of the application. Full page toast will only be used for creating new issues.
  • Added start time and due time for issues
  • New work orders can be created in the mobile app
  • New forms can be added from the forms list
  • Notifications has been added to the app; currently the notifications are only in app and they wont show if you leave the app.
  • The dashboard has been updated with more clear information on current issues for the user.
  • Filter functionality has been added for all dashboard lists which makes it easier to search for specific information.

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  • If you experience problems with Service Nodes web application, first try clearing your browser’s cache and reload fresh data from the server by pressing CTRL + F5 . If this does not work please contact our support.

  • The system requires a moderately new (if not the latest) version of any web browser to run. (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, etc)

  • IE11 is no longer supported as a browser by Microsoft. We have choosen to cease support for IE11 also and all IE11 user we recommend to switch to Microsoft Edge.

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