Smart tags

Through our smart tags / service nodes, digital information can be accessed quickly and easily by scanning a QR code. The service nodes can be used by both your own staff and your customers. The amount of information you access depends on whether you scan from our app (requires login) or directly through any QR code reader.

Quick and easy to scan

The tags allow you to quickly and easily access information about the asset and its current error reports, service history and service documentation.

With the Service Node app
Without the Service Node app

Information for you and your customers

At each asset through the smart tag you can share information with your customers; they can also report errors and send feedback. 

Your customer can access the following information:

Link one or more assets to each smart tag

Service Node is a flexible system and it can accomodate many different ways of working with service and maintenance . If you have several  assets that you want to access through one smart tag then you simple link all of them to it. When the tag is scanned you select the asset you want to view or edit. 


Customize it the way you want it

The smart tag can be supplemented with a unique mounting bracket that can be customized for company logos and informational text.

These are available in different sizes and color combinations; basically the only limit is your imagination.

We will help with the design and layout otmake sure it comes with ordered tags.

Do you think Service Node will suit your organization? 

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