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Our smart tags are a small badge with a QR code and a tag ID. These are the physical representation of what we in the system call service nodes.

Scanning the QR code with a mobile camera will forward you to the service node’s public page on the web, there you get access to functionality and information that the service node’s owner has chosen to be public.

If it is scanned with our app, you have access to extended functionality and information provided that the users of the app should have access to this service node.

The tags are 30 x 30 mm, with self-adhesive tape on the back and are delivered on sheets of 48 per sheet. See example here.

We can also deliver tags with built-in NFC (Near Field Communication)

The service node is physically represented by a smart tag. In the system, the service node is the place where you connect the asset that are to be accessible via the smart tag.

Assets in service node is typically an equipment, a place, environment or an facility that you connect to the system to provide your employees and customers with information on service, maintenance and instructions via the smart tag


Serviceobjekt kan vara en plats, utrustning eller tillgång som du lägger upp i systemet för att förse personal och kunder med information rörande service, underhåll och instruktioner. 

In Service Node, the asset inventory is the place and function you add your assets into.

To add assets to your inventory you must be on a payment plan to Service Node.

However if your company has been given access and assignments to perform service on any equipment or place that is in someone else’s asset inventory you can do that for free. 

You need to be on a payment plan if you want to add assets to the asset inventory and also if you would like to access the work order function.

No, they can use the Service Node for free. However, they must register their company and create users for their staff in order to report service performed.

By sharing your assets to your subcontractors and service partners you enable them to report service on those specific assets.

If you need to transfer data from an existing systems into Service Node, there are functions for this in certain parts of the system. If there is such function for the specific data you want to import, contact our support and we will help you out.

System requirements

Web application

Mobile application

  • Smartphone with a data plan, gps, touch screen and camera.
  • Android 4.1 or higher.
  • iOS 9.0 or higher.


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