A complete service- and maintenance system

Service Node helps service companies, equipment and property owners to work smarter and more efficiently with their service and maintenance work. And for users of the equipment, error reporting has never been easier.

How Service Node helps you

With our smart tags, mobile application and web application we make sure that everyone involved in the service & maintenance eco-system easily can get access to the information and tools they need to perform their job in the quickest most efficient way possible.

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Smart tags

Physical tags that can be scanned to access digital information easily and quickly.

Work orders

User-friendly work order management via the web and mobile.

Service planning

Plan service and maintenance work for your assets quickly and easily.

Error reports

Simplified reporting of errors via our smart tags, web application or mobile application.

Asset inventory

Get a good overview of all your facilities and assets, no matter where you are.

Digital service journals

Recycle your old paper journals and use our digital journals and smart tags instead.

"It is quicker to scan the smart tag and report service through your cellphone than to write on a sheet of paper."
"This felt pretty revolutionary in a way"

Do you think Service Node will suit your organization? 

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