⦁ Improvements to the “Reported service” and “Reported error” details pages.
⦁ Major improvements for the “Work order” functionallity and user interface.
⦁ Service & errors can now be reported on assets without a Service Node (smart tag).
⦁ Customers have recieved a field for “customer ID”.
⦁ List action buttons for all tables have been redesigned.
⦁ Forms can now be added from any “details view” where they are applicable.
⦁ Most tabs in the system have been updated with new design and functionallity. This includes improved search & filter functions and faster load times.
⦁ “Standard documents” can now be added to any modell. Standard documents will automatically be attached to any asset with this specific modell selected. This makes it easy to add the same documentation to alot of assets.

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