⦁ Creating recuring calender events should now work flawlessly.
⦁ Asset overview map performance and load speed improved.
⦁ Issues related to importing new assets from .csv files has been resolved.
⦁ PDF’s generated from work orders should now show the correct statistics.
⦁ Adding or removing employees from a work order should no longer cause any error messages.

⦁ Success and Error messages throughout the system has been improved. We will continue to improve these so let us know if you see any missing or incorrect text.
⦁ The statistics for the dashboard has been improved and should now be alot more relevant. You can easily track overdue issues, unassigned issues for work orders, errors, tasks and forms. Issues that require attention will be marked with a ! icon.
⦁ Autogeneration of part numbers, customer numbers and work order numbers has been added throughout the system where applicable. If you do not want to use the autogenerated number you can always type in a custom number.
⦁ You can now add notes to customers, assets, tasks and work orders. Notes are currently readable by anyone who can access the object from the webb application. We will add notes to the mobile application as soon as possible.
⦁ Error reports and Service reports can now be added to assets without a Service Node assigned to them.
⦁ Big improvements has been made to how work orders are structured. Work orders can now easily be filtered in “Ongoing”, “Completed” and “Archived”. Ongoing work orders include all work orders that are not yet completed with status “open” “started” or “paused”. “Completed” include all work orders that have the status “completed” and are ready to be invoiced. Archived include all work orders that requires no active attention with the status “invoiced” or “cancelled”. Each status type with numericals is clearly visible under each category so you can easily track what requires your attention.
⦁ Errors, Work Orders, Tasks and Forms that have a “due date” will be marked with a “bell icon” in the table view if they are “due today”. If they are “overdue” they will be marked with a “circled exclamation mark icon”.
⦁ Errors can now be resolved from the “errors detail” page by clicking the “resolve error” button.
⦁ Forms can now be added to tasks.
⦁ The form PDF output has been improved graphically. PDFs generated from forms should now look sleeker and take a bit less space vertically. Meaning that big forms should generate fewer pages in the PDF.
⦁ People can now be notified when a form is updated. Notified user will receive a PDF copy of the current state of the form by e-mail. Note that this happens EACH time the form is updated so be mindful of this when you add e-mail addresses to a form.
⦁ Form statuses will now be connected to a proper system status; this is either “open” or “closed”. This means that you can properly work with forms and know when your users are “done” with them.
⦁ Filtering for forms are now available in the “open” and “closed” categories; this way you can easily see which forms are not yet closed and easily know which ones that require attention.
⦁ Reported services can now be quick filtered by preset time periods; these periods are “today”, “this week”, “this month”.
⦁ More contact types have been added for contacts.
⦁ Parts/Articles can be associated with a supplier. Parts supplied by a specific supplier can be viewed in the supplier details.
⦁ A tab for work orders has been added to the “customer details” page so you can view all work orders for a particular customer.

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